Black Friday Rule

Black Friday rule:

  1. All products under the black Friday category will participate in promotional activities.

  2. We have prepared discounts up to 30% off and $30 off for everyone

  3. Our products will be issued to everyone in turn after the event.

  4. All products can use discount coupons on the basis of discount! ! !

  5. For users who purchase 2 or more pairs of shoes, we will give away a luxury shoe polishing cloth worth $10 for free.

  6. For users who purchase more than US$200, we will give away a free luxury protection kit worth US$40. Limited to 20 sets.

  7. We will open the reservation channel in advance on November 20 to pre-orderyour beloved shoes! The event ends on November 26!

In addition, on the basis of the original 30% off discount, we have also prepared additional discount codes for you!
1.Customers who purchase 3 pairs of shoes can use a $7 off discount 
$7 OFF CODE: blackfriday7
2.Customers who purchase 4 pairs of shoes can use a $10 off discount 
$10 OFF CODE: blackfriday10
Note: You can buy any shoes, including discounted shoes. And there is no limit on the number of times you can use it! !

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